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Bristol BME Voice works with the following equalities forums to increase the voice of equalities communities across the city. Here you can find links to our partner equalities organisations.

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100 Black Men in the room project


In February 2016, a BAME Emotional Wellbeing event was held with a focus on Black Men, Faith, Carers and Older People. The event followed a radio campaign on Ujima Radio. The event was very well attended with just under a 100 people and almost 40 people took part in the Black Men’s workshop, including Black men themselves and support groups & agencies.

Following the event discussion between SARI, Nilaari & Ujima and the rest of the planning group leading on mental health decided that it was vital to engage and hear directly the voices of Black men themselves. Particularly those of African–Caribbean and dual heritage Black Caribbean background as they had been at the sharp edge of policing, mental health, education & employment for more than 5 decades.


Nilaari agreed to lead and set up a planning group trying to involve as many Black men themselves especially those who worked with other Black men.  The group has been meeting since the summer of 2016,  and includes several individuals and representation from:

  • Nilaari,
  • Project Zazi,
  • SARI,
  • Ujima Radio,
  • Community Access Support Service (CASS),
  • Rethink,
  • Church of God Prophecy,
  • Black Police Association,
  • Bristol BME Voice(Voscur),
  • UWE (BAME Group),
  • Creative Mentoring,
  • Cognitive Paths,
  • Babassa Youth Empowerment Project (BYEP).

More individuals and groups want to get involved in the initiative and also find out what is happening; the planning group membership and roles with need to be reviewed and developed with a plan for wider engagement with men and stakeholders.

For more information please see here 100 Black Men in the Room Paperv2


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