History of the Manifesto

How did the Manifesto come into being?

The idea of a Manifesto for Race Equality in Bristol was reborn in the aftermath of the city’s 2013 Stephen Lawrence Lecture.

At the end of a powerful series of presentations, a member of the audience asked how far we (our BME communities) had actually come in the 20 years since the murder? In a time of sober reflection on levels of employment, mental health, educational attainment, poverty and political representation, the audience confronted the fact that we had not come as far as we would have liked in race equality terms, and in some areas had actually gone backwards.

A few of us began meeting with people from our diverse Black & Minority Ethnic communities. We began asking what we need to do to ensure we will not be asking the same questions in 20 years? We asked how we could ensure our communities could begin to take control of their futures?

The idea of the Manifesto came from these discussions: a clear declaration of our values, vision and intentions for our communities, with a call for action and a timeline to see change become reality.

The Manifesto will be a live document which will prioritise new issues as changes and actions are achieved.

Thank you in advance for contributing to our future.

Please remember: “The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now!”

Agencies represented on the group drafting the Manifesto include:

  • Voscur/Bristol BME Voice
  • SARI (Stand against Racism & Inequality)
  • Avon and Somerset Black Police Association
  • Black South West Network
  • Building the Bridge
  • Nilaari
  • Public Health Bristol
  • 2morrow 2day/Ujima Radio
  • Bristol City Council (Equalities Team)
  • Somali Media Group
  • Monira Ahmed Chowdhury
  • Amjid Ali
  • Tara Mistry