The Manifesto for Race Equality Key Achievements

The Co Vice Chairs for the Bristol Manifesto for Race Equality have produced a presentation highlighting the work and key achievements of the group.

Some of whats been doing so far?

Manifesto development & consultation
Big Launch March 2015 including Mayor
More work on Manifesto with Addendum
Strategic Leaders Task Group set up with input from steering group members
Race Manifesto used as model to promote & develop other local equalities manifestos through BEING
Emotional Wellbeing event with focus on Black men, carers, faith and older people
Joint BTEG Youth & Criminal Justice event
Political Mayoral and Police Commissioner Hustings
Networking and influencing dinner.

Continuing Challenges

Capacity and time from busy and overstretched people
Competing interests and impact of promoting needs of all groups and sections within the race equality agenda
Ensuring community unity & social cohesion
Need for higher profile and more influence
Community participation and affirmation – more buy in
Strategic commitment and potential traction
More marketing and communications
Impact of cuts/savings on local groups and services especially to BAME communities

To read the full presentation and key achievements please see below

Manifesto Achievements_presentation_Jan17