About the Commission

About the Commission

The Commission for Race Equality is a body of Commissioners that raises the voice for, and scrutinises on, issues related to race equality in Bristol.

Commissioners adhere to certain guidelines in order to ensure they carry out their work with transparancy and efficiency.

The following documents explain the working functions of the Commission:-

Manifesto for Race Equality Terms of Reference Draft
Remit on how the Commission will work together and act responsibly to deliver its work and outcomes.

Code of Conduct for Commissioners- To be developed
Expectations for Commissioners to fulfil their role and duties and to ensure the Commissions retains integrity and respect as a body representing race equality in Bristol.

Declaration of interest- To be developed
Commissioners are required to declare personal interest or close ties with any Commission activities that could potentially compromise their decision making.

Equalities policy- To be developed
The Commission is committed to inclusive practice. Whilst the focus of its remit is race equality, it recognises intersectionality in support of all protected characteristics, social disadvantage, economic disadvantage, and disadvantage in relation to geography of some communities and individuals. The Commission will champion intersectionality and work with organisations committed to equality, diversity and inclusion.

Background information to inform the work of the Commission:-

Manifesto booklet
The Manifesto booklet was developed by the Bristol Manifesto for Race Equality, the predessessor of the Commission for Race Equality. It sets out key areas to address and transform race equality in the city. We are grateful for the contribution of those involved in developing this work (please see list of names).

Key Bristol Statistics on race equality
The Manifesto for Race Equality has researched key statistics this has helped to inform its work and served as baseline for improvement.

Race equality Timeline
This highlights the work of the Manifesto and Commission since the inception of the Bristol Manifesto for Race Equality Steering Group and recognises the range and breadth of what this work covers.

Getting Race Equality High on the Agenda presentation
This document was presented at the community event on 16 January 2017 where those in attendance were asked to approve the establishment for a Commission for Race Equality in Bristol.

The moving forward drifting back, Runnymede Trust report
This report is based on research by the Runnymede Trust which looks at the progress of race equality across England and Wales based on census information. Bristol was found to be the 7th worse City to live. The stark facts are another pointer as to why the Commission is essentially needed to be part of supporting a shift from the dire position.

Disparity audit report
Teresa May instructed data on race equality across Government departments to be gathered in one hub. The audit is a breakdown of statistics under areas such as employment, criminal justice, education…..  Sadly whilst the data findings are not hugely surprising, the audit itself is not active in seeking ways to address inequalities in terms of race.